Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A letter ...

Dear ,

I am writing you again… You know this is not the first letter I am writing to you and will not be the last one also. I just wanted to pour some of my thoughts and emotions into it. It was raining slightly… and I was looking through the window. Slowly, unknowingly, I submerged myself into the memories of our past years… When I met you for the first time… I just met you as I would meet any other stranger.
I did not even had the least thought that I would be blessed with such a beautiful gift in future (please….I need not tell you that it’s you…It’s so obvious).
Even after so much digging the old memories, I could not recollect when did we start dreaming together? There are so many dreams that we dreamt together… some realised and some are yet to be. Those days of trekking with you still make me feel energetic! That moon, which we gazed at, is still with us… I had felt as if only two eyes are gazing her. Even you too must have felt the same thing, I guess.
Sharing thoughts with you is really amazing… You come up with brighter ideas. You are more creative than me, I should accept. No matter what, I see many of your hidden talents and creative ideas blossoming and getting shape. My secret dream (you know it of course, before you no secrets) is getting transformed into reality. I really cherish all your success.

Let us not boast we are the perfect pair. We both know it… we have many differences of opinion even after having so much to call ‘our common things’. It’s also true that we accept each other unconditionally, because, it’s very true that the more you judge; the less you love. Apart from all these differences, we can share and discuss anything under the sky from a broken pencil to black-hole theory of Stephen Hawking! Really amazing isn’t it? We have accepted each other; hell with the word ‘perfect’.

Leaning on your shoulder, resting my head on your lap and holding your hand were all so comforting to me. Walking by the side of the river with hand in hand has provided me strength and support. Your arm around my shoulder tells me everything… still I don’t know… I am waiting for those actions to come to me in the form of words.

Come; let us dream together once again.

With lots of love - Best half!

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