Sunday, July 1, 2007


Observations 1:
On Sunday - 01.07.07 , I saw two cars parked by the side of the building, where I stay. The cars were neatly parked one behind the other. Somehow, the total setting looked unusual. When I went nearby and realised , that front car had been touched by the backside car. The body was pressed a Bit just below the rear number plate. The owners of the vehicles looked as though in deep thoughts. There was silence and no fighting ! After half an hour , When I returned I saw the backside car owner talking with the police man.
Moral :

1. Japanese people fight with a hushed voice ! ?
2. No physical fights or raised voices.
3. No settlements on their own. ( May be because of insurance policy )

Observations 2:

On Friday , While returning from Office it was almost midnight and trains were almost full to the brim. I was standing pressed between two ladies and a person was standing beside me. In a turn the persons not holding on to any thing, lost balance and a wave of humans fell on me and I in turn on the person next to me. I could regain my balance as I was holding the grip above. But the person next to me, who was holding the top part of the grip handle, some how cut himself. Must be something sharp above the grip handle. The blood started rushing out in currents. In matter of seconds his whole palm was red with blood. He was desperately searching for tissue paper and found none. No one cared or bothered to look also. I looked at him and in turn he too looked. We exchanged a dry looks. Then I pulled out my handkerchief and extended to him. As far as I knew Japanese people do not accept the help immediately. I was thinking whether the person next to me will accept my handkerchief. He gladly accepted. While I got down in the next station, in that rush also, he almost bent himself to around 30 degrees and thanked me, ' Arigato ' .

Observations 3:

I have never heard car owners blaring their horns in Japan. Even Cycle bells too , I have not heard. I usually joke that, Japanese cars will not have horns. All the foreign cars that are sold in Japan are mandatorily need to remove the horns ! , that's what I joke. While crossing the road, the vehicles taking the turns from the side roads usually allow the pedestricians to cross the road. They do wait, patiently. Unlike in India , they do not horn at the people.Horn is dummy here. When I call my friends and folks who are residents of Banglalore, I hear lot of traffic horns in the background. The background noise is really high.

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