Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Silent Night

In to silent night I xcuse myself
With an air of xpectation for dawnin' glory
Arriving unexpectedly abot mind's green turf
but none can I remember , its a worry

But the charm of night engulfs everyone
The charisma of darkness ever increases with the warmth of the beloved
Flowing passion, the beauty of it captured by none
In words, which always leaves me dumbstruck and naked

Bestowed kindness by the night is calmness
Brings serenity to soul like mail on express
some dull eyes, pay n' get ' high '
Never realising aroma of beauty that wait n' lie

For the lone there's the jewel in the sky
Presence of which fill the empty space they say
There is charmer in the sky so high
Guidin' the road , whichever is our way

This happenin' casually day after day
So little is seen, with little attention they pay
Races perish but still, jewels remain
lonely they roam in 'emptiness' of barren terrain

( This poem was written back in 1996 - During those period when we wait for the onset of monsoon's torrential rains ! )

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