Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Joys of Life

The pleasure of life is in noticing the things that other do not...
There is joy in observing the smaller things in life ...

The time and again , I come again to these points , either by myself or when reminded. Today my best friend for life reminded me about it after seeing a photo of a small flower hardly noticed by Busy bees , but which was captured on photo frame on my weekly contemplative walk. Life is how you look at .. the paradigm .. the perspective , that changes the outcome. Life is not reaching destination. Its watching and enjoying the journey as well. Each and every moment of life offers multiple choices . The choice is up to you to make.

Every rain cloud has a silver lining
This is what my friend wrote to me when I was down and almost feeling suicidal going through the depression cycle. It was back in my college days. Almost alienated , going through the Identity crisis , waging a personal battle through the family trauma .. it was too much and pressure was building up. Then this friend from my High school who was doing higher studies in the lower class ( u know what i mean ) , gave an insightful lecture and a thoughtful letter. I was put in new path . I was asked to see the better side of life . Life has so many things to offer. Only you got to search for it . Its up to you .

I have realised the truth during my formative years exposed to harsh realities of life. The brutal and lethal truth. I think all these have hardened me . I have grown precociously , I believe. Those hard times , they leave a permanent mark on you.

So I have learnt to look for brighter side of life always. There are plenty when you have an inquisitive eyes of a child. They can be found in every walk of life . You have to keep your eyes open. There is no shortage for small goodies. Will you keep your eyes open .. Now !

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